Hubbard Care Center Welcome! A Christian home in the heart of Iowa!
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Hubbard Care Center
Welcome to Hubbard Care Center & Rehab Clinic

We are celebrating Nursing Home Week
May 28-31st, 2019- Seasons of Life- JOIN US
Here are some of the special events we have planned:

9:30 South Hardin High School Choir to Perform
11:30 Crown our King & Queen for the week
2:30 Sing-Along with Bill Connet
10:30 Seasons of Life Bible Study
2:00 Hymn Sing and Coffee
2:30 Volunteer Celebration
10:30 Outing to the Arboretum with H-R 3rd Graders (weather permitting)
Noon- Meal of the Month- Grill Out
2:30 Celebrate the Seasons with Lois Nassen on the piano
10:30 Scandinavian Fiddle Program with Dave Swenson
3:00 Monthly Birthday Party

Welcome to Hubbard Care Center and Rehab Clinic website! The Hubbard Care Center is located in the heart of Hardin County. Our facility is a 60-bed nursing facility, which has been providing care to families in Hubbard and surrounding communities since April 1997. The Hubbard Care Center is locally owned by Hubbard Care Center, Inc.

Our purpose here at the Hubbard Care Center is to provide around the clock care and service for the aged and disabled. We have the responsibility in supporting and directly providing this care and services. An important part of this responsibility is to observe and maintain the tradition of providing the highest standard of quality care for our residents. We must remember that each resident is important, deserves, and must always receive recognition as an individual.

We encourage interested families to schedule a tour of our facility, begin the process of applying for residency, or with other questions please call us at 641-864-3264!